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What kind of transcription do you do?

A:   We provide transcribed reports of Marketing Research Interviews or Focus Groups, Medical Transcription for any discipline of medicine or patient care, and legal transcription for a variety of specialties. We also provide transcription and note-taking for various types of businesses needing recorded meetings, group sessions, roundtable discussions, board meetings, conferences, workshops, mock jury trials and conference calls. If it is recorded, we can likely transcribe it.

We also transcribe film industry files, television production and other mass media transcription. We will be happy to discuss rates and offer samples.

I just have one small file; do you do small jobs?

A:   Absolutely! No job is too small for Pierce Group Atlanta. After all, once we impress you with our exceptional work product and service, we know that you'll come back to us with any future projects - so why would we turn down a potential long-term client? Just ask. We will provide you with a competitive quote for your particular needs for your project.

How quickly can I get it back?

A:   In most cases you will get your completed transcription within 24-48 hours, depending on your needs. It is also possible to get a transcribed report within the same day in some cases.

Can you record my meeting or conference call?

A:   Absolutely! We can record it by logging into the conference call or, if you are local, coming on-site and setting up our digital recording equipment, and record your meeting - all at very competitive prices. We even offer a discount for transcription when we record your meeting.

What do you charge for transcription service?

A:   We will provide you with a customized quote for your need. It is not possible to give a generalized fee list due to the specialized nature of our business. If you request a quote, it does not obligate you in any way to our service.

Can I get my document in (insert format here)?

A:   Of course. We can provide your document to you in most word processing formats, as well as presentation-based formats, such as .pdf. We will be happy to accommodate any format that you prefer. Just ask. We can send your documents to you attached via e-mail, or we can create a private file on our FTP site that you can access your audio and documents from one place.